“ANDROMEDA” in Beaver Creek Colorado home….

WOW! I was so pleased to see my piece in it’s beautiful new home in the Vail Valley.

Thanks to The Klein Family and MaryLou from Gallery One in Naples Florida!“Andromeda”-Klein-home6.jpg

“OPIATA” in Texas traditional style home

I’m always so pleased to see the variety of homes that showcase my work so beautifully, from the traditional to the contemporary. Here you can see photos a client sent recently. They show my grouping “Opiata” in their Texas home which has a traditional Tuscan feel.

Ray Series

My love of the ocean flows forth in my Ray Series wall pieces…

and “Dawn”

Here is an image of “Dawn”,  the second of the two wall installations recently placed in the San Diego home of Alex and Charlene Korn.


New Glass Wall Art!

Wow, its been a busy time in my life! Here you can see some recent wall pieces that I installed in the beautiful home of Alex and Charlene Korn in San Diego. They were looking for the art to reflect the colors of the sunrise in one niche and the sunset in another. Voila! See “Dusk” (also reflected in the mirror).  “Dawn” in my next post…