About My Glass Blowing Process…

Glass Blower Lucy ChamberlainAs a glass blower, I seek to celebrate the qualities that only glass offers: transparency, translucency and its forever-liquid state. My influences are primarily from the natural world, fabulous orchids, fluorescent sea-creatures, and a suggestion of flora-fauna morphing.

And that original spark? To this day, I still remember the life changing moment when at 9 years old I saw glass being blown at night! The glowing magic made its mark, and for that I am forever grateful and forever blessed.

With molten glass as my medium, I strive to create art that is organically evocative. I first gather the molten glass on a blowpipe, which is a 5-foot long hollow steel tube, and after blowing a small bubble in the glass, shape the piece with hand tools.
Glass Sculpture CreationThen, using the laws of physics to “spin the glass out,” I create loose, ripply, organic forms.

Through my blown glass process I transport to places otherwise unavailable to me: the ocean floor, touching anemones and urchins, the inside of a Malaysian orchid, the garden of the goddess. Against the harshness and strife of the world, I throw beauty,the combatant at my disposal.

Forming Blown Glass Art